Time to submit our investment receipts for tax saving. Last minute investors busily searching various channels to invest for tax saving. A brief information of different 80C channels I have listed.

Say, a person’s gross annual income is Rs.5 lakh and he invests Rs.1 lakh under 80C, his net taxable income becomes Rs.4 lakh.

If failed to invest this year at least we can make proactive decesion in the coming financial year by investing early.

80C Tax-saving channels

Saving option

Lock-in period


Provident fund,

pension fund

Till end of service


Public Provident Fund

15 years


National Savings


6 years


Bank fixed deposits

5 years


Insurance policies

(endowment, money-back)

Policy term


Ulips, pension plans

3-5 years

Low to high

Tax plans of mutual funds

3 years


Other expenses that qualify under section 80C are, School fee of two children of the taxpayer and home loan repayment of the principal portion.

Vagabond day in Velachery

After discharging from work I planned to go to Ilay machi’s home (I call him KD) after a long time. At last rain deterred my plan and I sadly settled in my room and end up in washing my clothes. Anxious Ilayaraja buzzed my mobile and started scolding me for not yet started to Velachery, and I consoled him by explaining my situation and told him I will make it up on Sunday. With disappointment he ended the call I suppose.

Next day, bright sunny Sunday. Along with Dakshina mama we started our house hunt for mama in Tiruvanmiyur. Before starting Bagya called me, mam’s veetuku varuvingala matingala and I replied I am on the way to home only. In Tiruvanmiyur few pleasing homes came across in our way and some were kept for consideration. At noon, mama left for his friend’s home and I started towards Ilay’s home in Velachery. After parking my bike I started climbing the staircase. Biriyani aroma started pulling me heavily towards the home.I knocked the door, Bharthi opened the door by welcoming me vanga mama, ethana naal achu pathu. By answering I entered the home and to my left Thangaraj mam’s was sitting and in the down Ilay KD was lying and was engaged in watching television. After a brief chat, I started towards kitchen to see periyamma who was totally busy in preparing lunch. After enquiring about her health I settled down in the hall and started chatting. Bagya was missing and mama and athai too were missing on that day :-(.

Lunch preparation was almost finished and we dined in the hall itself and eagerly waiting to attack Biriyani. Everybody had a satisfactory lunch and Biriyani’s spice was at its best. Post lunch we became so tired and placed ourself in 180 degree. Suddenly planned to go for movie and Poo, which many appraised as good became our target and decided to see it. Ilay KD called Kovith who was already busy packing his luggages for shifting his home from Kotturpuram to Beasant nagar. As he was ready, we took our car and reached kotturpuram and dumped all his luggages inside the car and reached Besant nagar and placed the luggages in his new home and made him comfortable over there. Kovith was so tired that he couldn’t able to accompany us for the movie. After confirming the ticked availability in Mayajaal we were heading for Mayajaal leaving Kovith in home.

I wish to keyboard my experience about that movie, but due to short of time, will do it possibly in the forthcoming post.


முயலும் வெல்லும்!
ஆமையும் வெல்லும்!!
முயலாமை வெல்லாது!!!

Karupan da

Before retiring for the night I started searching for my mobile in my home to have it nearby (mobile is least bothered in my native). After I got it I started looking my received calls and SMS’s. SMS from Ramesh(friends call him karupan) indeed made me bright and joy. The SMS read, “I have gifted by male baby.” All my family members were glad and blessed the baby when I shared that news to them.

A sudden flash back started revolving in my head about the days we spent during the college …He joined the college very late and if any question posed on him during the class hours he will reply “I am new comer” and use this as an excuse to escape but the funny part is till the year end whatever question asked, his reply was “I am new comer, I am new comer” :-) …We almost ruled the entire Salem city those days. Often paired with Ramesh, we go for movies, in almost all theatres across Salem starting from Junction till old bus stand. …The night out studies in his room in Yerikadai …The promises we took for not seeing any movies and start concentrating on studies for the semester but, the very next day itself we denounce our promise and move for movie … We plan by dividing 5 units among us to study for semester and each after finish studying will give KT to others but he without studying any of the units he will hear only the story from us without any pain and he is the one and only man who uses more number of pages in the examination but God only understand his bullet speed handwriting …After successfully completing the degree we started heading towards the alien city (till then), Chennai. In our room Ashok, Kannan, Srini, Venky and myself (Sanjeev won't attend this session because he is big dhadha) will have mock interviews, in that if we ask Ramesh to answer Tell me about your-self? He will reply, “I am S Ramesh Kumar. My native place is Aaralvoimozhi. It is full of windmills….” A heavy laughter will break out :-) by commenting him.

Such a fun filled days we came over. Now he has become father, with loads of responsibilities, and has to run his family with vigour. Lots of thought comes in my mind but I have one thing to say “inimelavathu vandi oota kathukoda

I wish the baby and his parents.. all the happiness.


A controversy statement give by honourable CM of Kerala Mr V S Achuthanandan (atleast I can give this honour for the CM post), when he made a visit to see the deceased Major Sandeep, who is a keralite, igniting a controversy after smarting under the snub from the angry father of the officer when he went to Bangalore to offer his condolences.

“Even the karnataka CM had visited major's home but the Kerala CM didn't find time to visit. After serious of pressure and for political mileage he made a visit” Unnikrishnan said, the father of Sandeep. The chief minister asked “Is there a rule that the chief ministers of Kerala and Karnataka should be there at the same time? After a pause, the chief minister went on to say “If it had not been Sandeep’s house, not even a dog would have glanced that way.” Sandeep’s family and that is why we went. A soldier’s father should have had the sense to understand that,” the chief minister said.

But Sandeep’s father said politicians were under “compulsions and duress” to express solidarity with the terror victims in an apparent attempt to get political mileage and “I did not want to respond to them.”
“Sandeep was a person who disliked anything under compulsion and duress. I am his father, he would have inherited the same thing from me,” Unnikrishnan said, a day after the Kerala chief minister virtually threw him out.

“Sandeep was not a regional, not even a national, he was a universal figure. He did not want such a recognition,” he said, adding “I felt very bad that it is under compulsion from all quarters that these two ministers came. So I didn’t allow him. In the process the chief minister sneaked him. Somebody brought him inside and then I entered the house. I was in a bad state of mind at that time.”

CM had refused to convey his appology in his state assembly initially, but at last CM had conveyed his apology through one of the television channels.

Whatever it might be, even the CM had said a decent statement and it was wrongly interpreted by the media, Major Sandeep deserve high respect and nobody can't even think to spoil his reputation.

May his soul rest in peace. Jai Hind.

Sridhar's Reception

Regrettably I couldn’t make on Sridhar’s wedding day. Thank God, I wasn’t trapped in any other work on his reception day, the November 30, 2008. I kicked off my journey towards Ashok Pillar, where Hotel Gokulum is situated. It was a cloudy day such that rain can pour at any time. Not bothering about the weather I was travelling in midst of the snail traffic thinking about how many diversions would be there due to rain. The heavy rain, which lashed Chennai those days, was the reason behind the snail traffic. The bridge nearby Kasi theatre was crowded and people were seeing the lake as if it is to be a wonder. The water was about to touch the bridge, a rare sight in Chennai. At last I reached the destination with no difficulty.

Ashok called me to enquire my whereabouts. After disclosing my location he joined with me along keerthi’s brother. Stepped into the hotel and at the reception we came to know his reception was in progress at 4th floor. Using Lift, we reached 4th floor and there was a grand welcome by spraying “panneer” and distributed “kalkand” and “sandal water” and at the entrance another person was standing holding a tray with mango juice. By tasting the juice we glanced on the couples. They were busy posing photographs along with their known ones. By that time, one by one, joined the crew. Rajasekhar, Manikandan, Dinesh, Senthil and RC Karthik were those. What these people do when they gather? As usual, “vetti” chat begun by commenting each other. A surprise man came, its none other than our Sudeep along with a gift. Hurray, we got a gift :-). Later some time Sridhar had time to notice us and waved his hand. We assumed he waved towards us only. By that time second round of mango juice was happily going on. Later we decided to take photo along with the couple and started approaching him. Suddenly there was a commotion inside our group. Sudeep was missing along with the gift and we took a brief look around the hall, at corner he was busy in a phone call. After seeing him only we all got relaxed and settled down on chair till his return (gift avan kittala iruku :-)). Later we congratulated the couples and posed for photograph by standing as per the photographer’s instruction. Then what next?

Banthithan. Buffet was arranged on the terrace. We had a good dinner over there. There too that photographer didn’t leave us. He made us to stand in a “U” shape and took us photographs. Dinesh and RC Karthik had a very fast attack during dinner. After enquiring for the reason RC has to start to Bangalore and still 45 min more to catch the bus. They hurried up and soon left the spot. We took our own time. After dinner we bid good-bye to the couples and came out by collecting “thamboolam”. Rajsekhar started scolding me for not collecting the thamboolam. Without understanding I told him what I am going to do with?. He replied machi we cooking in my room at least you should have got and give it to me. I started laughing, ada machi shall I go and get for you? He replied with no. Before we left the place we had a chat about our next meet. Along with Senthil I started and after dropping Senthil at Tiruvanmiyur I reached my room.

I wish Sridhar and Krithiga a happy married life.