How Can I

I had a debate among my friends on Stock Market. I started to defend on their misconception on the market. When I was about to tell about a person who became millionaire through this, I totally forgot his name and unable to recollect. I was struck there and tried a lot to recall his name but in vain. Yesterday in TOI newspaper I was happen to see his name. That time I regret, how can I forget this legend, the world famous investor WARREN BUFFET.


ArunKumar.Dharuman said...

You have to regret for not recollecting his name. ;-)
Probably you might have even read about his successor. Ajit Jain an Indian. In his statement "I wrote his parents in New Delhi and asked if they had another one like him at home. Of course, I knew the answer before writing. There isn’t anyone like Ajit."

(¯`·._.·NIVAS·._.·´¯) said...

Yep, I read that. Funny question from Buffet :-)
Ajit made Indians proud.