A controversy statement give by honourable CM of Kerala Mr V S Achuthanandan (atleast I can give this honour for the CM post), when he made a visit to see the deceased Major Sandeep, who is a keralite, igniting a controversy after smarting under the snub from the angry father of the officer when he went to Bangalore to offer his condolences.

“Even the karnataka CM had visited major's home but the Kerala CM didn't find time to visit. After serious of pressure and for political mileage he made a visit” Unnikrishnan said, the father of Sandeep. The chief minister asked “Is there a rule that the chief ministers of Kerala and Karnataka should be there at the same time? After a pause, the chief minister went on to say “If it had not been Sandeep’s house, not even a dog would have glanced that way.” Sandeep’s family and that is why we went. A soldier’s father should have had the sense to understand that,” the chief minister said.

But Sandeep’s father said politicians were under “compulsions and duress” to express solidarity with the terror victims in an apparent attempt to get political mileage and “I did not want to respond to them.”
“Sandeep was a person who disliked anything under compulsion and duress. I am his father, he would have inherited the same thing from me,” Unnikrishnan said, a day after the Kerala chief minister virtually threw him out.

“Sandeep was not a regional, not even a national, he was a universal figure. He did not want such a recognition,” he said, adding “I felt very bad that it is under compulsion from all quarters that these two ministers came. So I didn’t allow him. In the process the chief minister sneaked him. Somebody brought him inside and then I entered the house. I was in a bad state of mind at that time.”

CM had refused to convey his appology in his state assembly initially, but at last CM had conveyed his apology through one of the television channels.

Whatever it might be, even the CM had said a decent statement and it was wrongly interpreted by the media, Major Sandeep deserve high respect and nobody can't even think to spoil his reputation.

May his soul rest in peace. Jai Hind.


Kannan said...

I hate these people even though he is CM. These people awaiting for change to make politics always.

We need to beat them.

ArunKumar.Dharuman said...

It was very well responded to this issue in the Gateway peace march held on December 3rd.

"We would prefer a dog visit our house than a politician"