Vagabond day in Velachery

After discharging from work I planned to go to Ilay machi’s home (I call him KD) after a long time. At last rain deterred my plan and I sadly settled in my room and end up in washing my clothes. Anxious Ilayaraja buzzed my mobile and started scolding me for not yet started to Velachery, and I consoled him by explaining my situation and told him I will make it up on Sunday. With disappointment he ended the call I suppose.

Next day, bright sunny Sunday. Along with Dakshina mama we started our house hunt for mama in Tiruvanmiyur. Before starting Bagya called me, mam’s veetuku varuvingala matingala and I replied I am on the way to home only. In Tiruvanmiyur few pleasing homes came across in our way and some were kept for consideration. At noon, mama left for his friend’s home and I started towards Ilay’s home in Velachery. After parking my bike I started climbing the staircase. Biriyani aroma started pulling me heavily towards the home.I knocked the door, Bharthi opened the door by welcoming me vanga mama, ethana naal achu pathu. By answering I entered the home and to my left Thangaraj mam’s was sitting and in the down Ilay KD was lying and was engaged in watching television. After a brief chat, I started towards kitchen to see periyamma who was totally busy in preparing lunch. After enquiring about her health I settled down in the hall and started chatting. Bagya was missing and mama and athai too were missing on that day :-(.

Lunch preparation was almost finished and we dined in the hall itself and eagerly waiting to attack Biriyani. Everybody had a satisfactory lunch and Biriyani’s spice was at its best. Post lunch we became so tired and placed ourself in 180 degree. Suddenly planned to go for movie and Poo, which many appraised as good became our target and decided to see it. Ilay KD called Kovith who was already busy packing his luggages for shifting his home from Kotturpuram to Beasant nagar. As he was ready, we took our car and reached kotturpuram and dumped all his luggages inside the car and reached Besant nagar and placed the luggages in his new home and made him comfortable over there. Kovith was so tired that he couldn’t able to accompany us for the movie. After confirming the ticked availability in Mayajaal we were heading for Mayajaal leaving Kovith in home.

I wish to keyboard my experience about that movie, but due to short of time, will do it possibly in the forthcoming post.