Karupan da

Before retiring for the night I started searching for my mobile in my home to have it nearby (mobile is least bothered in my native). After I got it I started looking my received calls and SMS’s. SMS from Ramesh(friends call him karupan) indeed made me bright and joy. The SMS read, “I have gifted by male baby.” All my family members were glad and blessed the baby when I shared that news to them.

A sudden flash back started revolving in my head about the days we spent during the college …He joined the college very late and if any question posed on him during the class hours he will reply “I am new comer” and use this as an excuse to escape but the funny part is till the year end whatever question asked, his reply was “I am new comer, I am new comer” :-) …We almost ruled the entire Salem city those days. Often paired with Ramesh, we go for movies, in almost all theatres across Salem starting from Junction till old bus stand. …The night out studies in his room in Yerikadai …The promises we took for not seeing any movies and start concentrating on studies for the semester but, the very next day itself we denounce our promise and move for movie … We plan by dividing 5 units among us to study for semester and each after finish studying will give KT to others but he without studying any of the units he will hear only the story from us without any pain and he is the one and only man who uses more number of pages in the examination but God only understand his bullet speed handwriting …After successfully completing the degree we started heading towards the alien city (till then), Chennai. In our room Ashok, Kannan, Srini, Venky and myself (Sanjeev won't attend this session because he is big dhadha) will have mock interviews, in that if we ask Ramesh to answer Tell me about your-self? He will reply, “I am S Ramesh Kumar. My native place is Aaralvoimozhi. It is full of windmills….” A heavy laughter will break out :-) by commenting him.

Such a fun filled days we came over. Now he has become father, with loads of responsibilities, and has to run his family with vigour. Lots of thought comes in my mind but I have one thing to say “inimelavathu vandi oota kathukoda

I wish the baby and his parents.. all the happiness.


ArunKumar.Dharuman said...

Vehicle tougher than vehicle, family. He is already riding it. :-)

Congrats to Ramesh for being promoted as father... ;-)

I wish the baby be gifted with care and health...

Anonymous said...

i want say "thanks da naramba...." Bcoz still u remember me and those black and white days...

still i am wondering, how can u remember all those incidents... :-)

Have u changed the CHIP..?